Soul Jazz in the Vineyard

At this event you will find Darren Stoute from Stoute Catering  from 5pm* – 9:30pm on Saturday, July 29th, 2017:

Stoute Catering 

Pan Seared Chicken rubbed w Jerk and Sriracha w Sushi rice & Seaweed topped w Maple glaze & Pineapple Salsa  $12

Jalapenos stuffed w mixed vegetables topped w Brie drizzle of a warm Balsamic $8

Kale salad tossed w shredded Asiago cheese topped with Smoked Salmon and caramelized pumpkin seeds w Citrus vinaigrette $12



* Festival event starts at 5pm at this location with the Mark Ucci Duo on the patio.  Then the Soul Jazz event starts at 8pm. *