All that jazz – Article in Niagara this Week

Thank you to Niagara this Week for the article:


BEAMSVILLE — The Niagara peninsula is getting set to welcome the likes of Harey Connick Jr. and Thelonious Skunk.

No, those aren’t typos, but instead just one of the ways organizers of the TD Niagara Jazz Festival are hoping to make this year’s festival both bigger and more accessible to everybody.

In addition to the wine, food and smooth music played throughout this year’s festival, organizers are also planning some family friendly events, including two petting zoos. The first is a musical petting zoo, where children will get to try out saxophones, drums and other instruments. The second is a literal petting zoo, where the pet animals will play the roles of legendary jazz musicians. The idea is to give kids a chance to learn about the greats of jazz…

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