Drummer and percussionist, Adam Bowman, has been a mainstay in both the Canadian and international music scenes for more than two decades. As a touring musician, Adam has been heard on stages across five continents with artists such as Juno-award winners Kellylee Evans and Carlos Morgan, Canadian independent music trail blazer Ember Swift, improvising guru VINX and country-folk songstress Dawn Langstroth, among many others. In the studio, Adam has become the drummer of choice for producers and songwriters on a variety of recordings. 2015 saw Juno-nominations for Eccodek’s Singing in Tongues album, and Alysha Brilla’s Womyn album. In 2018, Alysha’s Rooted album received another nod. Currently, Adam can be heard playing with Elise LeGrow, John Orpheus, Jeff Eager and as part of the Nights of Grief and Mystery ensemble featuring Gregory Hoskins and Stephen Jenkinson. Adam also provides percussive and electronic accompaniment for modern and contemporary dance classes with IMAGEO artworks & Dancetheatre David Earle. As a teacher and facilitator, Adam works with several community organizations including the New Horizons Band for seniors, and the not-for-profit organization Art Not Shame working at the intersection of creative expression and mental wellbeing. He has spearheaded his own FunkBucket program, featuring bucket drumming experiences in high schools, universities, festivals, classes for adults and other private functions. Adam is currently the drumset instructor at The University Of Guelph.

Career Highlights and Notable Performances:
• 3 JUNO award nominations
• 2017 Guelph’s 40 Under 40 recipient
• 2019 Grand Magazine Cover story
• Contributing writer for “Canadian Musician Magazine”
• Massey Hall: Toronto, Canada
• TED international conference: Vancouver
• WOMAD festival: Santiago, Chile
• Winter Olympics celebrations: South Korea
• MIDEM Festival: Cannes, France
• The Kennedy Centre: Washington DC
• The Blue Note: New York, USA
• CBC radio and ABC radio (Australia)
• Canada AM, Global and City TV
• CBGB: New York, USA
• Roy Thompson Hall: Toronto, Canada