Batucada Carioca is a Brazilian samba group led by sambista Maninho Costa, a native of Rio de Janeiro. The group is made up of 25-30 percussionists from the local community consisting of Brazilians, Canadians and many other cultural backgrounds. The group was created in 2004 for a performance at the annual Brazilian Carnival Ball in Toronto and has since continued performing traditional hits from the largest samba schools of Rio de Janeiro’s Carnaval. Batucada Carioca also combines its percussion drums with cavaquinho, bass, trombone and vocals. We have performed at the 2010 and 2014 World Cup final celebrations at the CBC, Brazilian Day and other Brazilian events in the GTA, and the Festival du Monde in Montreal; as openers for numerous well-known Brazilian artists at their Toronto concerts; and in a promotional video for CBC’s 2016 coverage of the Paralympics in Rio. The band has chosen its colours of blue and white in homage to Portela, one of the oldest and most traditional samba schools of Rio. Our show is full of excitement and guarantees to get you dancing!


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