Having 30+ years of performing experience and enjoyed success from a very young age in the field of music, Brendan Peltier feels fully qualified to add his musical texture to whatever project comes over the horizon.

After studying music in grade school and at a “performing arts” high school in Northern Ontario, Peltier went on to work on various musical projects on the side. Getting professional recording experience in the real world recording studio, he recorded a 4-song demo of original works, demonstrating composition and arrangement abilities.

With the state of the entertainment industry and music in particular in Canada, a back-up plan careerwise had to be considered when “picking a major” time came in college and finally decided to take a stab in the world of television and film post production. Having successfully graduated from a Toronto-based design school for film editing, he can now call his career a live broadcast sports producer but still prefers the audio post-production side of the business. Using his musical background, Peltier can be found dabbing in the music end of commercials and television productions in the Toronto area.

Brendan’s musical influences include Bruce Hornsby, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Ben Folds, Tori Amos, Dave Matthews, Bela Fleck, Billy Joel, Elton John, Oscar Peterson and Oliver Jones to name a few. But he prides himself on enjoying all styles and varieties of music, as this will help in the future career plans in composing original music for film and television.

Already enjoying the work in this creative field, Peltier is now coming full-circle in exploring a sound palette and landscape for whoever will let him. Currently providing piano accompaniment to Cheri Maracle as well as Nadjiwan and Jacques Pigeon in a country western musical setting.


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