Diane Leah  –  music director / piano / vocals
Heather Bambrick  –  host / vocals
Julie Michels  –  vocals

Broadsway is the combination of three uber-talented “Broads”:  Dora Mavor Moore Award-nominee Diane Leah, National Jazz Award-winner Heather Bambrick, and international touring Jazz artist Julie Michels.  In Broadsway, they bring their respective musical talents together with the repertoire of the American songbook and the Theatre, the improvisational spirit of Jazz, and a large dose of humour to create a show that is immeasurably entertaining.Heather Bambrick is an award-winning vocalist whose recordings have earned her international praise and airplay.  She is also a highly successful voice actor, an award-winning radio broadcaster, and a music educator.

Diane Leah is a Dora Mavor Moore award – nominated music director with more than 40 years experience in the Canadian music industry.

Julie Michels is an international touring artist, performing in a variety of genres.  Her solo recordings continue to receive international airplay.

Since their formation four years ago, Broadsway has been busy performing at a variety of venues and events.  They’ve been featured in festivals (Global Cabaret Festival;  Toronto International Jazz Festival), theatres (Roy Thomson Hall;  Canadian Opera Company’s Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre), in concert series (JAZZ.FM91 Cabaret Series;  various theatre series), conferences (APAP;  CAPACOA), and at some of the finest live music venues in North America (Jazz Bistro – Toronto;  The Metropolitan Room – New York City).  Their fans include Cabaret legend Marilyn Maye, Tony-nominee Louise Pitre, Cast Party at Birdland host Jim Caruso, and Juno-nominee Laila Biali.

Heather Bambrick
– National Jazz Award (Female Vocalist of the Year and Broadcaster of the Year)
– 2-time East Coast Music Award nominee (Jazz Recording of the Year)

Diane Leah
–  Dora Mavor Moore Award nominee

We take the three elements of the Niagara Jazz Festival (Live-Love-Jazz) and add a fourth:  “Laugh”!

“Three talented Toronto ladies who know their way around jazz harmonies, sing their heads off, and actually entertain the hell out of their audiences!”– Jim Caruso, Host Jim Caruso’s Cast Party (Birdland, New York)

“As a singer, I just want to sit there and hear something that makes me say:  ‘I couldn’t do that!’  Well, I said that to myself more than once while watching Broadsway.  Nothing makes me happier than to hear wonderful arrangements (kudos to Diane Leah!) sung with aplomb and personality! All three were in spaces!  A fun-filled top notch musical evening.” – Louise Pitre, Tony-nominated actress

“These ladies really, really rock … with their vocals, harmonies, and arrangements … very much in sync.  Brava!  Take the time to check them out.  You won’t be sorry!” – Susan Winter, Cabaret artist, Producer / Host of Open Mic @ The Met (Metropolitan Room, New York)

“Heather, Julie, and Diane have the kind of musical connection that makes magic.  With those amazing voices and Diane’s arranging and playing skills, these three powerhouse ladies make one super entertaining show filled with humor, passion, and smarts.”  – Micah Barnes, vocalist (The Nylons)

“The ladies of Broadsway – Heather Bambrick, Julie Michels, & the legendary Diane Leah – are a super fun treat!” – Laila Biali, Juno-nominated Vocalist (Sting, Paula Cole, Suzanne Vega)

“If you love hearing great artists at the top of their game sing some of the best songs ever written, you need look no further than Heather Bambrick, Julie Michels and Diane Leah, also known as BROADSWAY.  Listening to jazz greats, Bambrick and Michels, sing their take on the current and classic Broadway cannon, as brilliantly arranged, played and also sung by the amazing Diane Leah, is total Nirvana for any music lover.” – Thom Allison, Performer (Broadway, Shaw Festival, Stratford Festival)

“Broadsway killed … so talented, and the combined power of their musical prowess, love for Jazz & music of the theatre, and hilarious sense of humour made for a really complete experience.”  – Melissa Stylianou, Jazz Vocalist (Anzic Records)

“The best thing to hit any stage since the spotlight!” – Nicola St. John, Actress / Host, “I’m Just Sayin’” (Sirius XM)

“Likely the only group in the world to perform Puccini, Lady Gaga, and Thelonious Monk in the same set, Broadsway can do seemingly anything.  Balancing the wild spontaneity of a given moment with years of friendship, there will never be another Broadsway.” – Ori Dagan, Vocalist / Music critic (Whole Note Magazine)

“If there’s a Juno for Unlikely Success Story of the Year, Broadsway could get it.”  – Peter Goddard, Toronto Star

“Any Broadsway show is likely to feature Jazz (including scatting(, a humorous take on Classical repertoire, Pop, Gospel, and everything in between.  But it all begins with the Theatre and is woven together with their funny, playful – at times ribald – onstage banter.  A Broadsway show is simply funny, with imaginative arrangements, customized for the ladies by the masterful musical mind of music director, Leah.”  – Dennis Kucherawy,

“Broadsway blew me away!”  – Sandra McFarland, Cabaret blogger, This Broad’s Way

“Performing timeless, popular music from the American Songbook, memorable classics from NYC’s fabulous theatrical stages, and so much more.  Delightful, delirious, touching, tender, eclectic, funny, smart, and always entertaining … here come three uber-talented femailes, and ‘Broadsway’ is their name!  – Ann Lough, Food & Drink Magazine

WARNING:  Your face might hurt from smiling, your throat might be sore from laughing and singing along, and your hands might get tired from clapping!!




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Other Performances

DATE: Friday, July 24th, 2015
TIME: 10:00PM – 1:00AM
VENUE: Corks Eatery and Bar (Cabaret Lounge)
PRICE: $25 + HST