Introduction: Born in rural Saskatchewan, Don Naduriak has become a powerful musical force encompassing a wide range of genres. With extensive experience as Pianist, Musical Director, Conductor, Composer and Educator Don is leaving an indelible mark on the music scene.

Early Years: While living in Sturgis, Saskatchewan Don discovered his love for music at an early age and excelled in his musical studies, achieving a Grade 10 Royal Conservatory of Music diploma under the guidance of talented teachers. He began composing during that time.

Musical Education: Don’s journey took a significant turn when he left Saskatchewan at a very young age, moving to Toronto to specifically study and play Jazz at the Advanced School of Contemporary Music. Under the mentorship of legends like Oscar Peterson, Darwyn Aitkin and Ted Moses, he immersed himself in the dynamic world of Jazz, and soon was involved in Toronto’s nascent Latin music scene.

Collaborations and Roles: Don’s journey led him to collaborate with many wonderful musicians. He served as the Musical Director, conductor and pianist for Eartha Kitt, Paul Christopher, Vivienne Williams and Michael Danso. Currently, he holds the role of Musical Director/Pianist for Laura Fernandez, the Host of Cafe Latino on JazzFM 99.1.

Early Toronto Experience: Shortly after arriving in Toronto, Don became a staple at numerous musical venues in the city, playing alongside the finest musicians. His presence and talent became a dynamic force in the vibrant Toronto music scene. Notable musicians he has worked with include Sonny Greenwich, Memo Acevedo and Banda Brava, Jackie Richardson, Luis Mario Ochoa, Vitín Avilés, Daniel Santos and other Latin stars. His role as Musical Director and willingness to be a sideman showcased his ability to lead and collaborate with excellence.

Versatility Across Genres: Don’s extensive experience has encompassed most genres, including Classical Piano, Jazz, Latin Jazz, and various Pop and Show bands. He performed in the pit for various Broadway-style shows and worked internationally with a wide range of performers.

Leadership in Original Music: His latest project, “JAZZ OF THE AMERICAS,” features him as a leader and composer for two quintets performing only Don’s original music. These quintets feature many of Canada’s greatest musicians, Bill McBirnie, Russ Little, Mark Kelso, Alex Dean, Kirk MacDonald, Paul Novotny, Colleen Allen, George Koller, Joaquin Hidalgo and many more.

Notable Projects: Don has a rich history of notable projects, including serving as the Leader/Musical Director and Composer of XAVIERJAZZ, a Latin-Jazz band, and Co-Leader and Musical Director of Picânte, one of Toronto’s earliest Salsa Bands. Don’s contributions extend to producing events such as Harbourfront’s first “Latin Fiesta” show and performing as Pianist for Bobbie Herriott and the Imperial Room Orchestra at Toronto’s Royal York Hotel.

Author and Composer: Don is the author of “Cookin’ with Salsa, Studies in Latin Music for Piano and Keyboards,” showcasing his expertise in Latin music. He has produced an album with XAVIERJAZZ called “Live at Musideum”. He also composed and served as Musical Director for “Wheel of Fire,” a Rock Opera which inaugurated the Scarborough Civic Center.

Conclusion: Don Naduriak’s musical journey is a testament to his versatility, leadership, and innovation. As a pianist, composer, conductor, musical director, and educator, he continues to inspire and captivate audiences, ensuring an enduring legacy in the world of music.