DyonTae Louis

DyonTae is a young multi-talented individual who is musically oriented and seriously fun pianist and student-athlete. Playing, composing and writing music, as well as performing and showcasing his musicianship is his heart and soul. Influenced and Inspired by the unforgettable classic melodies of Motown, Chicago, Memphis, Mississippi Delta and Louisiana Rhythm and Blues, DyonTae is a melodiously captivating aspiring jazz pianist. Over the years, he has performed in numerous events and festivals. His repertoire includes an extremely diverse variety of music genres: Classic Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Blues, Classical, Motown, Soul, Funk, Boogie-Woogie, Disco, Disco Rap, Hip Hop, Rhythm and Blues, and today’s greatest hits. His solo onstage performances are always fun with the objective to create remarkably unbelievable presentations. However, his most unique moments are being on stage with his two other brothers to perform and showcase their musicianship together, to audiences of all ages and cultural backgrounds, with their entertaining, fun, and captivating live signature stage presentations: 3 YOUNG BROTHERS – 3 GRAND PIANOS – 1 STAGE. Each time they perform, they hope their rhythm, melody, and harmony bring joy and excitement to audiences and fans regardless of gender, social, cultural, economic, educational and political background.

As a competitive athlete, DyonTae likes to challenge himself in football, basketball, mixed martial arts, as well as in track and field. He is a Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals recipient in mixed martial arts competitions. He is a MVP award recipient in football and plays running back (RB) and defensive back (DB). Every year, he competes in different sports tournaments in Canada and across USA.

Academic success and higher learning is DyonTae’s priority. Becoming an engineer is his passion. Composing, writing and playing different genres of music, and specially playing the piano is his drive.

DyonTae is honored to be a Niagara Jazz Festival 2023 Jazz 4 The Ages Youth Competition Finalist.