Elise Bernard

Hi, I’m Elise Bernard! I was born in St. Catharine’s on September 28th, 2010. I have always loved to sing and I’ve been working hard to improve. Even though I’ve only had a few singing lessons so far, I’m honoured to have the opportunity to sing for the community. When I’m not singing, I love spending time outdoors, ice skating, baking, going to theme parks and fishing. I am also very captivated by the moon and the arts! Even though my room is my favourite place to relax and unwind, I do love to travel to tropical places. I appreciate all colours but yellow would be the one I would choose. My preferred food is poutine, followed by chilli. I’m a huge animal lover and I already have a dog that I adore; however, one day, I would also like to have an aquarium. Music is my passion and I am delighted to be invited to the stage again.