Fuat Tuaç Quartet

Acclaimed Toronto-based jazz vocalist, Fuat Tuaç releases his fittingly titled second
album, “The Immigrant,” in 2023. Fuat sings in three languages — English, French, and
his native Turkish — while curating a potpourri of jazz styles that, like the artist, his
multilingual songs traverse the globe. Fuat’s new album, Immigrant is deeply personal,
reflecting on Fuat’s experiences as an immigrant living in Toronto.
“Immigration is a very hot issue in the world now. People move around the world for one
reason or another, even COVID could not stop them. And I wanted to share my story in
Canada as an immigrant,” says Fuat. “I wanted to talk about my journey in Canada. I
wanted to talk about the people I’ve met along the way; my experience inside and
outside the jazz world; what I anticipated from Canada and what I’ve found; how people
see me and how I see them. I wanted to talk about all of this and inspire people.”
“I’d like the songs on ‘The Immigrant’ to speak to every person regardless of their
country of origin,” Fuat says. “I think the eclectic nature of the album lends itself to that.”