“Dipita Na Wélisanè” it means faith and perseverance in duala, those are words that perfectly describe Guy NWOGANG ‘s philosophy.

He was born in Cameroon, where music is more than an institution. As a young boy, he often skip school and went to the famous club “Le Madison” to listen and watch the drum guy play. Growing up, he developed more skills to the point of being noticed by local great musicians who will give him the opportunity to travel and perform on many great stages in Africa and abroad.

Wishing to improve himself even more, he decided at age of 22 to fly to France and integrate Christian Bourdon’s Akanga Music School, this was best decision ever since he started to work with internationally known artists as Manu DIBANGO, Stevie WONDER, Salif KEÏTA, Maceo PARKER, Pee Wee ELLIS, Papa WEMBA, Tony ALLEN, ASHA, Anne-Maris NZIE, Pierre AKENDENGUE, Magic System, Mc Solar, Djamel Laroussi, Les Nubians, Etienne Mbappè, Jean-Jacques Elanguè, Bens Bélinga, Claudine François, Philipoe Combelle, Mario Canonge, Buren Cirque, Brice Wassy, Moriba Koïta, Keiziah Jones, Charlotte Dipanda, Pablo Master, Les Berthes, Otoulbaka, Douleur, Nkodo Sitony, Ottou Marcelin Eboa Lotin, Kika, Meiway, only to name few.

Guy as several strings to his bow, not only he is a drummer but he is also known as a very gifted percussionist, able to speak the universal languages of percussions. This musician is in fact the author of two methods that teach the Cameroonians rhythms, “12/8 Accents” and “Cam Rhythms Air Lines”.

After touring all around the world, he is now willing to open a new chapter in his life as a composer and producer. The 18 may 2015, the album of the singer Valérie EKOUME (, Followed by the second one Kwin Na Kinguè on the 24 of November 2017 produced by him, came out, not to mention that all the percussions and drums were recorded in his studio.

Past Shows:

DATE: December 20, 2020
TIME: 11:30 AM – 7:30 PM EST
EVENT: CONNECTED WORLD: A Winter World Music Celebration… Virtually!
VENUE: Shady Acres Studio (St. Catharines) (This event will be Livestreamed)
Click here for event details