In an imaginary point in the Mediterranean, Ziryab, Fayrouz, Led Zeppelin and Chick Corea are dancing in unison, on a kaleidoscopic wave of harmonies in different languages, melodies and traditional rhythms. A soundscape which moves between mountains and cities, seas and deserts, ancient and modern in an intoxicating expression of positive energy.

In these strange times, with borders closed between cousins and siblings, Hamsa Hamsa, with its YalahVamos ethnic pop/rock, invites the listener to transcend borders and take a trip through a new sonoric universe.

Learn more about Hamsa Hamsa at their website: www.hamsahamsa.com/eng

Past Shows:

DATE: December 20, 2020
TIME: 11:30 AM – 7:30 PM EST
EVENT: CONNECTED WORLD: A Winter World Music Celebration… Virtually!
VENUE: Shady Acres Studio (St. Catharines) (This event will be Livestreamed)
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