Kai Oszlai

Kai Oszlai, 15, can be described in three words. A musical character. Starting his journey on the piano at the ripe age of 5, Kai has always been infatuated with music and how it shapes the way we feel and experience, living by the saying that “Music is the soundtrack to our lives”. Kai has developed into an enthusiastic musician and performer, winning 1st and 2nd place at the North York Music Competition, 1st place at the 2021 Jazz 4 the Ages Youth Contest, and 3rd place at the Markham Music Competition. Aside from the competitions and high-pressure events, Kai spends his free time composing pieces for piano, guitar, and orchestra, which he says relaxes him when school work feels never-ending. In addition, Kai offers beginner-level piano lessons to budding students looking to learn a new instrument and broaden their musical understanding.

Kai enjoys reading classic books (his favourite being Saint-Exupéry’s Le Petit Prince), making short films for his YouTube channel, spending time with his friends, playing video games, and watching more YouTube videos than he should. While indulging in the very habitual routine of slacking and resting, Kai mainly puts most of his focus on school, assuring he maintains a high average in his classes and is understanding the material taught. Kai enjoys learning, and whether it be academic or musical, he finds himself always wanting to expand his knowledge, visible through the Google window on his phone that never seems to be closed. Due to his outgoing and rather humourous personality, Kai finds himself being referred to as “the party animal” in any gathering with friends he attends. He enjoys making new friends, and always makes an effort to include everyone in group activities.

Kai is always looking for opportunities to grow and learn, one way being through his music. Creative outlets like the piano give him the chance to truely express how he feels, and he wants everyone to find interests that help them do the same. Until then, Kai will continue to perform with enthusiasm in his living room – and concert halls.

Here’s where you can find Kai:

Youtube – kaiphosis
Instagram – kaioszlai
Email – kaioszlaiwork@gmail.com


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