Lorian and Ava Knapp

We are Lorian and Ava Knapp, sometimes known as the Knapp duet by our parents. Ava has been singing for about six years, while Lorian has been playing piano for eight years. Ava also plays piano and guitar. Lorian was a finalist for Niagara Jazz Youth Competition in 2021 and has won $100 from a Kiwianas piano competition in 2019. Ava has been in a play by Linus Hand Productions called Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, but she’s been singing ever since she was in a choir for a year when she was seven. She is now in another play called Moana Jr, and is doing a great job. For hobbies, Lorian likes to play video games and edit different types of wikis in a community called Fandom. Lorian likes to draw and read as well. Ava enjoys learning and performing new songs, keeping up with her school work and hanging out with her friends. We have not done too many duets together, but we present in front of our family at parties all the time. At the time of writing this, Ava is twelve, while Lorian is fourteen. Both of us are in the school band and will doing our band showcase in front of about 400 people.