Tahliek and DreyVon Louis

Tahliek and DreyVon are young multi-talented brothers who are musically oriented and seriously fun pianists and student-athletes. They are older brothers to DyonTae Louis, a proud 2023 Niagara Jazz Festival “Jazz 4 The Ages Youth Competition” Finalist. Tahliek is the oldest brother; DreyVon is the middle brother; and DyonTae is the youngest brothers.

Collectively the brothers are known as LOUIS BROTHERS. Depending on the occasions/events and/or age category competitions, they perform as solo, duo, or trio artists.

Influenced and inspired by the unforgettable classic melodies of Motown, Chicago, Memphis, Mississippi Delta and Louisiana Rhythm and Blues, the brothers are melodiously captivating aspiring jazz pianists. They have performed in numerous events and festivals. Their repertoire includes an extremely diverse variety of music genres: Classic Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Blues, Classical, Motown, Soul, Funk, Boogie-Woogie, Disco, Disco Rap, Hip Hop, R & B, and today’s greatest hits.

Whether performing as solo, duo, or trio artists, their performances are always fun with the objective to share the joy and love of music; to communicate information and emotions; to play a substantial role in culture; to provide opportunities for individuals to experience aesthetic enjoyment and be entertained; to give people an outlet to be creative; and to motivate the minds in difficult times.

Playing, composing, writing, performing, and showcasing musicianship, through the significant elements of rhythm, melody, and harmony, altogether is their apparatus for expressing emotions, ideas and feelings, altering mood, changing perceptions, and inspiring change.

Through the creative art of music, their artistic direction, approach, practice and work help developing practical values that apply and transition to all of their current and future endeavors.

As competitive multi-sport athletes, they always challenge themselves to greatness whether in football, basketball, mixed martial arts, or track and field. Both Tahliek and DreyVon are Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals recipients in mixed martial arts competitions. They also are MVP award recipients in football and play running back (RB), defensive back (DB), quarterback (BB), and wide receiver (WR). They are Gold and Bronze medal recipients in basketball. Every year, they attend and compete in different sports tournaments in Canada and across USA.

Academic success and higher learning are their top priority. Engineering and law school are their passion. Becoming competitive professional athletes is their desire. “Where words fail, music speaks” describes their purest artistic practice, approach, directions, and aspirations.

Tahliek and DreyVon are both honored to be 2023 Niagara Jazz Festival “Jazz 4 The Ages Youth Competition” Finalists in the duo piano category. They are also overjoyed that their younger brother, DyonTae, is a Finalist as well in the solo piano category of 2023 Niagara Jazz Festival “Jazz 4 The Ages Youth Competition.” Stay tuned! The Louis Brothers [Tahliek, DreyVon, and DyonTae Louis] hope to see you soon attending their signature performance: 3 YOUNG BROTHERS – 3 GRAND PIANOS – 1 STAGE.