‘Vox Violins, A Curious Creature.’
That was the title of the first article on Vox Violence in 1980 by Jedd House at the Interobang out of Fanshawe College.

Softened to Vox Violins when they moved to Nova Scotia after stints in London then marriage and Toronto where they were scratching out an existence being pretty artsy with their musings. Both musicians brought different spices to the muse that is this ‘curious creature.’ They made the eclectic decision to make their performance choices their own and that holds to this day.

Being open to the wind took them to great places like festivals, warm up gigs, private functions, the EU, pubs in Ireland’s west coast, workshops with great talent, small local rock and roll bands, hosting open mic nights in several venues, TV appearances, TV articles and shows on their lives together, and radio interviews with live music across Canada. With ADMM they traversed the country in many venues and festivals.

Fast forward to 2021, this still ‘Curious Creature’ continues to work the muse, it is just something that they have always done, it is their life, to muse. They have been in their ‘Vox Bubble’ for over 40 years and never been crushed by trends or competition…there really isn’t any…. There is only one Vox Violins and they remain a ‘Curious Creature.’


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