NJF 2015 Artist Announcement: BIG RUDE JAKE

DATE: Saturday July 25th, 2015
STAGE: Doc Magilligan’s Restaurant & Irish Pub
ADDRESS: 6400 Lundy`s Lane, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 1T6
TIME: 9:30PM – 1AM

Jake Hiebert (Big Rude Jake) Band Leader, songwriter, singer, guitarist
Alison Young: band member
Jack Zorawski: bass player
James “Road Dog” Walker: agent, manager

Jake Hiebert AKA Big Rude Jake is the nicest guy you’ll meet this weekend. He’s also an internationally renowned bandleader, born and raised in Niagara.

Alison Young is a talented and up-and-coming star on the Toronto music scene, who specializes in jazz, but works in many genres with skill and confidence.

Jack Zorawski is a gifted bass player and composer who has worked with Jake for over 15 years.

James “Road Dog” Walker is an agent and manager who is beloved both by the artists that he reps and the clients for whom he provides great music.  His recent pairing with Big Rude Jake has already cause a stir across Canada.

Noted for his skill as a blues shouter and raconteur, Jake is inspired by the roots of American music, i.e. blues, jazz, jump, gospel, and New Orleans Parade music.

Jake was drawn to the jazz tradition for its ardent sensuality, a quality of the genre that is sometime forgotten. He thus created a rough-hewn stage persona that evoked strident passion and longing, hence the name “Big Rude.”

A move to New York and signing with Roadrunner Records resulted in Jake’s third album and several years or touring Europe, Canada and the United States.

“The truth is, words, mine or anyone else’s, are no substitute for seeing Jake perform.”– Chart Magazine

“A Big Rude Genius.”– In Pittsburg Weekly, Pittsburgh, PA

“Jake’s voice is an elastic instrument able to croon, talk, snarl, and seduce as the material merits, bringing a mutant mix of Damon Runyon, Johnny Rotten, and Mose Allison to his witty, erudite tunes.”– Boston Phoenix

“No student of the Canadian music scene can consider themselves ready for graduation until they have contemplated the impact of Big Rude Jake. … A gifted songwriter.”– Indiecan.com

“Big Rude Jake creates larger-than-life tales of woe, seamy streets, and loud characters. Giving a nod to old-school blues characters, he writes more in the vein of Tom Waits or Nick Cave, creating world-weary, witty characters who can’t resist commenting on the irony of their situations.”– All Music Guide

“Truly a student of jazz and its related folk and literary traditions, Jake infuses (his) musical creations with vivid stories …tinged with dark irony, humor, and contemporary heartache.”– Theresa LaVeck, All Music Guide

WEBLINK:   www.bigrudejake.ca

FACEBOOK: Big Rude Jake

Big Rude Jake’s show is part of the TD NJF Club Series
Single tickets are available at the door for $20+HST


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