TD Sunfest is a non-profit community arts group dedicated to promoting cross-cultural awareness and understanding of the arts across a range of disciplines, such as music, dance and the visual arts.

Juliet + Peter and the TD NJF have been part of the TD Sunfest family for 5 years now and they absolutely love every minute of it!  Juliet Emcee’s the Jazz Stage at TD Sunfest and has a great admiration for Alfredo, Brian and the whole TD Sunfest team!


Classical, Jazz, Choral, Country and Vocal music in unique venues in the heart of Niagara’s beautiful wine country. In a world of specialty Festivals, Music Niagara is proud to offer a selection of performances that span the musical spectrum—chamber music, choral, vocal, contemporary, country, folk, jazz—stimulating audiences with its diversity.

The TD NJF has nothing but respect for all that Atis, Sarah and the whole team at Music Niagara do at Music Niagara.  Pioneers of music festivals in the Niagara Region, they have really laid down the foundation for all of the ‘newbies’ like the TD NJF.  We thank you and look forward to collaborating in the years to come.


In the Soil Arts Festival is an explosion of creativity in downtown St. Catharines at the end of April each year. The festival nurtures the creation of new work and provides intimate and uncommon platforms for audiences to experience work by contemporary performing and literary artists, musicians and media artists.

Ties to the Annie, Deanna, Joe and the whole In the Soil Arts Festival and Juliet and Peter go WAY back.  The TD NJF is thrilled to now have been a partner of the festival for 3 years now and looks forward to continuing this relationship.


Niagara VegFest is multi-site annual event that takes place in downtown St. Catharines, and the Niagara Region. The festival is a celebration the many benefits of a healthy, compassionate, plant-based lifestyle, and showcases exhibitors, vendors, and speakers from the Niagara region and beyond.

Juliet and Peter met Keri and Laurie over 6 years ago just as they were starting up their festival.  They have been in awe of how these 2 ladies have grown their festival and are bringing such ‘good things’ to the Niagara Region!   The 2 festivals have been working together for 2 seasons and the TD NJF looks forward to continuing this relationship.


A year round, rural beach-side destination featuring world-class music, wine, & food with a Main Event Jazz & Blues Festival in summer.

Juliann Kochocki is a ‘power house’ and also in her 4th year / season (like the TD NJF) & also an artist like Peter and Juliet.  Juliann ‘gets it’ & the TD NJF is thrilled to partner with her and her festival for the 2nd year in a row!


The Foster Festival is a theatre company located in St. Catharines, ON in Canada inspired by the work of internationally renowned Canadian playwright Norm Foster. The mission is to showcase the heart and humour of Foster’s writing in a dedicated environment, employing the finest Canadian theatre practitioners and to foster and support emerging and established Canadian playwrights interested in stories that are entertaining but also deeply meaningful to and reflective of our audience.

These ladies are incredible!  Another great new festival in town that the TD NJF is very proud to join forces with!  Our ED Juliet Dunn says:  ‘Trish and Emily are some of the hardest working ladies I know and I respect and admire all they do!’.


LIVESTOCK NIAGARA is a FREE Music & Arts Festival, located in heart of downtown Niagara Falls, ONTARIO (4680 Queen St.)

2017 will feature 40+ bands, 7 craft beer breweries, 10 visual artists, 10 artisan vendors, 3 health and wellness instructors + much more!


Rastafest is Canada’s largest celebration of Rastafarian heritage & culture. The festival is a multi-disciplined, family fun event highlighting different aspects of the Rastafari culture. Rastafest draws from the rich & diverse Rastafarian lifestyle, culture, & history.

Through the Festivals and Events of Ontario Conference, Juliet and Peter were fortunate enough to meet up with Masani who has been running Rasta Fest for 17 years now!  Masani is a true inspiration and the TD NJF looks forward to working with RastaFest in 2017 and beyond!


Roam the flowering lavender field and pick your own lavender. Shop and eat in the marketplace with many unique vendors. Tour the facility and see how essential oils are made with the neob Niagara distillery. Cooking and baking demo’s on how to cook with lavender and its culinary uses.