Tent-ative Concerts

** TENT-ATIVE concerts is an idea that Juliet Dunn (Co-Creator and ED of the TD Niagara Jazz Festival) came up with while trying to figure out ways to ‘keep the music alive’.

 “These are challenging and changing times and I can’t imagine that after such a huge lockdown we’ll be able to go right back to large events and gatherings... people will be  TENTATIVE and that makes total sense.  So why not start with our intimate ‘In Your Own Backyard’ Series and grow from there?  We can call these our TENT-ATIVE  CONCERTS.”, said Dunn


'It's in TENTS'

We can adapt these concerts to any size audience and as a continuation of our 'In Your Own Backyard' Series only outside instead of indoors.

'10 x 10 Tents will be available for families and groups of 1 - 6 people (who have already been cohabiting during the COVID-19 outbreak) and will be appropriately spaced apart so that everyone can safely enjoy the concert in an outdoor environment.  The festival will be able to host up to 30 people at their selected secret backyard location, and when we are allowed to have gatherings of 30 or more the festival will be adapting their TENT-ATIVE concerts to other locations with their various venue partners.

"It won't be the same as the world we knew before," says Dunn, "BUT we think it will be very enjoyable and nice to be out and about even if we are unable to get close."

For those who would prefer to watch the TENT-ative concerts from the comfort of their own home or backyard and/or host a 'Watch Party', the festival will be livestreaming all of the concerts so either way, the music will continue here in Niagara and beyond!

More details will be coming soon for when we are all ready (and allowed) to 'tentatively' go back out into our community to enjoy live music.

In the meantime, stay safe everyone, and please do check back for updates.

Warm regards,

Juliet Dunn
Festival Co-creator, Executive Director and Artistic Producer