“Everyone involved deserves to take a bow… TOAST…  one of Ontario’s great jazz festivals!”  – Jaymz Bee – Jazz.FM 91

“Jazz has always been a big part of my life as you know, and I feel so lucky to know you and Peter and to experience the magnificent transformation you’ve brought to our region.” Ron C

“We live in Brampton, Ontario, and attended the 1st NOTL Jazz Festival organized by Juliet Dunn and Peter Shea in 2014. We enjoyed it so much that we returned in 2015 and were not disappointed. We love visiting NOTL, it is one of the most beautiful places in this province, we were at the Charles Inn both times, had a wonderful stay and have already booked to attend the 2016 Festival end of July. The 130 Kilometers we travel is so worth the trip, it is an annual vacation we look forward to. The musicians featured are some of the finest, and that is incredibly refreshing when there is a tendency for jazz festivals to stretch what is meant by “Jazz” in their selection of artists. Juliet and Peter have stayed true to the genre and we appreciate that. They are also two lovely people who go out of their way to make sure everyone who attends has a great time.” – A&S Jayatilleke (Brampton)

“Went there for the First Time this past Summer and we received 5 Star Treatment. We bought a package with a one night stay at the White Oaks hotel. Upon arriving we received our Swag bags full of Goodies with coupons for the outlet stores, dinner for two, free drinks, wine tasting tickets for a few of the Best Wineries. The Dixie Land Band Brunch on Sunday was absolutely Incredible, Great Buffet Food, Free Mimosa and incredible Music. We were so wowed with the experience, listened to some of the most beautiful talented musicians. We have decided to make this an Annual Event, except next time we will make it a Full weekend and will be taking a couple of friends along. This is one of those Festivals that you will be Wowed even if you are not that into Jazz.” – Adriana L (Toronto)

2018 Year

“An amazing festival filled with special moments. Even as the artists came from all over the world, the festival maintained a community vibe and environment, which makes it a tremendous value for the Niagara Region. I want to see the festival continue to build every year. It’s simply extraordinary. I’d like to see the TD Niagara Jazz Festival own and operate its own performance art theatre in Niagara-on-the-Lake. We need a theatre for music in our town!” – Tim Johnson Co-Creator and producer:  Celebration of Nations Festival / Producer: Rumble – The Indians who Rocked the World

“Each venue/event is truly excellent.  I have been impressed at each and every event I have volunteered at.” – Paris Cosby TD NJF Volunteer

I kept feeling immense gratitude to Juliet and Peter for all they have done to make all this happen.” Linda ResslerTD NJF Pass holder

“An amazing night: intimate, relaxed and entertaining music appreciation. Congratulations! Looking forward to more . . .”  Wendy L

“As a new Jazz enthusiast I have had incredible learning opportunity volunteering with the TD Niagara Jazz Festival.  The Jazz community is a truly unique and welcoming environment!” – Lenora Gilbert Executive Liaison (2016 – Present)

2017 Year

“We have been fortunate to be made a part of the TD NJF for the 2017 season and will be continuing our work with the festival for the 2018 season.  We find it to be an incredible program. This festival is true to their mandate to showcase and promote authentic Jazz talent on a Canadian and international level.  We are proud to work with this program in producing a high quality experience based festival that supports regional economic benefits, the arts, and the love of Jazz for Canadian culture.  We hope to continue to grow with this event for years to come.” – Anil RebelloPresident:  Absolute Events & Management Inc. Operations and Logistics Management Team for the TD Niagara Jazz Festival (2017 – Present)

“All events I attended were well organized, volunteers pleasant and helpful, loved the setting for the Laila Biali concert. Well done folks.” – Catherine Cookman

“Park well organized this year – nonstop music in one enclosed area. Excellent variety. Megalomaniac good location for smaller function. Would have attended maybe one of 2 more events but they were sold out early… Guess that it is a good thing.” – Marion Markarian

“So very well organized, was fantastic!” – Fabienne A

I drove from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to attend the Jazz Festival after learning about it from Peter. Juliet & Lenora were WONDERFULLY HELPFUL making it possible for me to attend the Sunday DixieLand Jazz River Brunch Cruise.  I loved every moment of the Jazz Festival & the Brunch Cruise.” – Diane Vierling

2016 Year

“The TD Niagara Jazz Festival is an amazing community event: the Niagara community, the music community, and the community created when those two meet. I was thrilled to enjoy quality family time at some events, and quality culture time at all of them. This is a groundbreaking, essential event that can advance culture and quality of life in our region—as well as our personal and soulful understanding of jazz and music. May the TD NJF continue to thrive!” – Lauren O’Malley

“Loved the diversity of the artists and venues, as well as the intimacy. Something for everyone to enjoy! Jazz under the stars at Southbrook Winery was exceptional- Liberty Silver was amazing and kudos to the winery for being great hosts in a great setting.” – Judy Munro

“Simcoe Park worked very well with the different stages. The introduction of the instruments to the children was a wonderful idea. There was something fun for all ages.” – Janet Lummiss

“Factoring in the ambiance, great location, and good people we met, along with the tremendous music, I’d have to say 10! Can’t wait to see Joel Parisian on the big stage! Since we bought the entire package, we had several favourite moments.” – Tim Johnson

“So appreciate all the efforts, Juliet, Peter and the team put in to ensure that the festival is a very enjoyable experience, the music is wonderful and we love visiting NOTL. It was also nice to see a supportive Mayor.” – Amala Jayatilleke

2015 Year

“Loved Simcoe Park- seeing people dancing and children getting into it. Vendors, food, scenery- it was perfect! Seeing this park get used for this seemed like this is what it was made for. Music, joy, friends and family gathering.” – Anonymous

“Like the diversity from this this year’s festival. Enjoyed watching Frank’s Bus Brass Band step in to fill the time when there was an equipment issue at the venue – the night was full of music!” – Kathy Morgan

I really liked the variety of musicians playing – from young high school groups to exceptional artists like John Sherwood.” – Jane Gardner

“There are few jazz festivals in this country that stand out from the other. Usually because of the people and the venues/surroundings. The Niagara Jazz Festival is one of them. I had a fantastic time performing and getting to know the people from the festival. Thanks to everyone there for treating me and my band so well.” – Michael Kaeshammer

“Favourite was the learning about how Jazz is constructed. I appreciate it so much more now.” – Virginia C

“We LOVED the Market Square set we saw on the Saturday night, thank you again so much. 🙂 ” – Harry W

2014 Year

“You and your team have made a huge impact and the future of Jazz in Niagara is in great hands.”
David Drosky – Former Manager, TD Commercial Banking

“I have attended Toronto, Montreal, Monterrey and I enjoyed NOTL the most. The selection of artists was outstanding, there was not a single bad act. The festival was true to showcasing great jazz and the venues were perfect. Hats off to Juliet Dunn and her team for being able to put this together within a short time and with limited resources. I hope the festival will receive the support from the city, because it is truly deserving and jazz lovers can have an opportunity to visit beautiful NOTL and enjoy great jazz at the same time.” – Amala Jayatilleke (Brampton)

“The Niagara Jazz Festival is another dimension to draw visitors to the Niagara region. The area already has , Theatre , Film and Wine…this fills a VOID that completes the visitor experience.” – Paul Moyle (Mississauga)

“I can see it only getting bigger and better.” – Loretta Pietobon (NOTL)

“What I thought was great about the Festival, apart from the excellent quality of the music, was that the audience was really mixed in terms of age and backgrounds. It is the first event that I have attended in this area where the average age of attendees was not 60+ (not that there is anything wrong with 60+! I myself am in that category, but it is nice to see a really diverse audience). Loved the cool vibe, as did my 23-year-old son.” – Anonymous

“The performers were well selected and all venues proved to be very successful. Extremely well thought out.” – Joan King (Queenston)

“Loved the performers on Sat night at Jackson Triggs. Also liked the fact that there was free entertainment and food trucks on Sat afternoon.” – Rosalie Cheriton (NOTL)

“Many thanks to the wonderful volunteers and especially the organizers for their never ending time list to do and their vision.” – Francine Legault (St. Catharines)

“Really well done, especially for its first year.” – Kim (NOTL)


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