2015 Shuttle Service

Ride NOTL transit for just $3.00 =or for FREE with the purchase of a SHOP STAY LISTEN card.

For the festival, we have added a service stop to the usual NOTL transit schedule at the Niagara District Secondary School (NDSS) Parking lot on Friday and Saturday. The NDSS Stop is in front of the school. You may park in the school’s lot and then board the bus in front of the school to get into town.

Though usual NOTL transit does not run on Sundays, we have added special free service on Sunday as a courtesy to our guests.

Stops & Schedules

Buses run hourly to the Outlet Collection at Niagara.

**The Courthouse is the nearest stop to the Simcoe Park Fiesta Stage.

Friday, July 24th & Saturday, July 25th

  • Buses will run every hour from 10am-11pm (extended from 6pm)
  • Fort George->Courthouse->Community Centre->(transfer until 6pm) The Village->NDSS Bus Stop in front of school ->Outlet Collection at Niagara->repeat
FRIDAY & SATURDAY – FREE with Shop Stay Listen card or $3.00
To Town Time To Outlets Time
Outlets 8 Courthouse (in town) 35
NDSS Site 35 Community Centre 45
Garrison Village 38 Garrison Village 48
Community Centre 45 NDSS Site 50
Courthouse (in town) 55 Outlets 8
***Last shuttle leaves Courthouse at 10:35pm

Sunday, July 26th

  • Buses will run every hour from 10am-7pm
  • NDSS Parking Lot-> The Village -> Community Centre -> Courthouse -> repeat
To Town Time To NDSS Site Time
NDSS Site 0 Courthouse (in town) 30
Garrison Village 10 Community Centre 40
Community Centre 15 Garrison Village 45
Courthouse (in town) 25 NDSS Site 55
***Last shuttle leaves Courthouse at 7:15pm
Drivers will have schedules available